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10 Best replace_keyword] Reviews & Buying Guide

1. Replacement Parts for Grill Master 720-0697 BBQ Grill, Burners and Heat Plates Replacement for Grillmaster 720-0697, 4-Pack Replacement Porcelain Steel Heat Plates Heat Deflectors and Burner Tubes

Features :

  • ★ Grillmaster 720-0697 replacement parts ★ Grill master replacement parts 720-0697 ★ Grill master 720-0697 replacement parts ★ Grillmaster replacement parts 720-0697 ★ Grill master parts 720-0697 ★ 720-0697 grill master parts
  • ▶REVIVE A GRILL◀ – Rebuilt you old Grill Master 720-0697 Grill using this replacement grill repair kit, grill will work like new again!
  • ▶PRODUCT INFORMATION◀ – Grill Burner Dimensions: 14 5/8″ x 1″, Gas Tube Material: Stainless Steel. Burner Cover Dimensions: 14 9/16″ x 3 3/8″, Heat Shield Material: Porcelain Steel.
  • ▶INCILUDED WITH PURCHASE◀ – This grill parts kit for the Grillmaster 4-burner 720-0697 includes 4 heat tents, 4 replacement burners.
  • ▶PERFECT FIT◀ – The grill parts rebuild kit is the perfect product to replace your old grill heat tent, grill burner. This burner & burner cover replacement Kit is made to fit a variety of different barbeque grills, including the Grill Master, Nexgrill models listed below. ✅ Grill Replacement Parts for Grillmaster 720-0697. ✅ Grill Replacement Parts for Nexgrill 720-0697.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 3.37
Length 14.62

2. Yiming Gas Grill Grates Replacement Parts for Nexgrill 4 Burner 720-0830H, 5 Burner 720-0888 720-0888N 720-0888S, 720-0697, 720-0783E, Heavy Duty Cast-Iron Grates, 2-Pack, 17″ Cooking Grids.

Features :

  • 【Compatibility】★ Grill Grates Replacement Parts for Nexgrill 720-0830H, 720-0888, 720-0888N, 720-0888S, 720-0830D, 720-0958A, 720-0783E, 720-0783C, 720-0341, 720-0549, 720-0670A, 720-0670C, 720-0697, 720-0697E, 720-0719R, 730-0958A, 720-0670, 720-0864 Models. ★ Cooking Grates for Charbroil 463241113, 463449914. ★ K-Mart: 640-26629611-0
  • 【Compatibility】★ Grill Grates Replacement for Ken/more: 122.16119, 122.16129, 122.166419, 16641, 415.1610621, 415.1610711, 640-26629611-0, 720-0341, 720-0549, 720-0670A. ★ Cast-Iron Grates for Members Mark 720-0830F and Uberhaus 780-0003. ★ Uniflame GBC091W, GBC940WIR, GBC956W1NG-C, GBC981W, GBC981W-C, GBC983W-C
  • 【Dimension】17″ x 13 1/4″ each, 17″ x 26 1/2″ total. 【Material】Matte cast iron. 【Package】2 Pack cooking grate. 【Original Part Number】341-025, 549-057, 13000123A0, 13000394A0, 55-09-152. ► The Nexgrill 720-0830H grate is made of cast iron, which is fragile due to bumps during transportation. Please let we know if there is any problem, we will give priority to offering solutions to your situation
  • 【Extremely Durable】Made of durable cast iron to ensure long-lasting use. Do not chip or rust out like the porcelain enameled grates, more durable and easy to clean and leave beautiful grill marks on the food. 【Retain Heat】Cast iron grates not only heat evenly and retain heat superbly, but also deliver professional searing, able to produce prominent sear marks
  • 【Easy to Clean】Cast iron cooking grate is not easy to stick with food, so you can clean them up easily. Do not leave standing water in cast iron cooking grate for longer than 10-15 minutes. Wipe off excess oil and food residue with a paper towel or cloth. If you decide to clean with soap and water, always dry the grate immediately with a towel to evaporate any remianing mositure before stored.

3. SHINESTAR Universal 5 Outlet Grill Igniter Replacement for Nexgrill 720-0830H, Master Forge 1010048, Grill Master 720-0697 and More, Easy to Install

Features :

  • Universal spark generator BBQ gas grill igniter Replacement 5 Outlet “AA” Battery Push Button Igniter (Battery not include)
  • Replacement for Grill Master 720-0697, Ducane3400, Affinity 31421001, Affinity 3400, Affinity 4200, Affinity 4400
  • Replacement for Nexgrill 720-0459, 720-0670A, 720-0697, 720-0697E, 720-0719BL, 720-0744, 720-0773, 720-0783, 720-0830D, 85-3225-6, Uniflame GBC750W, GBC940WIR, GBC956W1NG-C, NSG3902B
  • Replacement for Master Forge 1010037, 1010048, Kenmore 119.1614421, 119.16231, 119.1643301, 119.1643401, Charbroil 463210310, 463211711, 463212511, 463433016, 466433016, 469432215
  • Replacement for Brinkmann 6430, 810-3420-W, 810-3885-F, 810-3885-S, 810-4400, 810-4400-0, 810-4400-1, 810-4400-B, 810-6430-W, 810-6570-F, Charmglow 810-6800-0,810-6830-0, 810-7310-F, 810-7310-S, 810-7400-F, 810-7400-S,810-8550-S

Additional Info :

Color 5 Outlets

4. Hisencn Grill Replacement Parts for Nexgrill 720-0697, for Grill Master 720-0697, for Sunbeam 720-0697 Grill Burners Tube, Porcelain Steel Heat Plates, Temp Gauge/Heat Indicator 22551, 4-Pack

Features :

  • ► Fits for Grill Master: 720-0697 Gas Grill; Fits for Nexgrill: 720-0697 Gas Grill; Fits for Sunbeam: 720-0697 Gas Grill. Please DO double check the size and shape of your original parts, and compare with ours before ordering.
  • ► Grill Master 720-0697 replacement parts►Grill Master replacement parts 720-0697►Nexgrill 720-0697 replacement parts►Nexgrill replacement parts 720-0697►Nexgrill parts 720-0697►720-0697 Grill Master parts►Grill Replacement Parts for Grill Master 720-0697►Grill Replacement Parts for Nexgrill 720-0697
  • ► Grill replacement parts for Nexgrill 720-0697 Grill Model►Grill replacement parts for Sunbeam 720-0697 Grill Model►grill master 720-0697 replacement parts►grillmaster 720-0697►Nexgrill 720-0697►720-0697 parts►Grill Master 720-0697 replacement parts►Nex grill 720-0697► Sunbeam 720-0697 replacement parts.
  • 【Dimensions】 Grill Burner Dimensions: 15″ x 1″; Material: Stainless Steel. Heat Tent Dimensions: 14 9/16″ x 3 3/8″; Material: Porcelain Steel. 22551 Heat Indicator Material: Stainless Steel.
  • 【Package】 Includes 4 Stainless Steel burners, 4 Porcelain Steel heat plates and 1 Temperature Gauge. If there is a problem with the product you received, you can contact us at any time and we will deal with it for you.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2.6
Width 4.8
Length 15.2

5. Hongso Repair Kit Replacement Parts for Sunbeam, Nexgrill, Grill Master 720-0697 Gas Grill Models Porcelain Steel Grill Grates, Stainless Steel Burner Tubes & Heat Plates

Features :

  • ➤Fits Nexgrill 720-0697, Grillmaster 720-0697, Sunbeam 720-0697 Gas Grill. ➤This rebuild kit includes 4 Stainless Steel BBQ Heat Plates, 4 Stainless Steel Burners, 2 Porcelain Steel Cooking Grids.
  • ➤4 Burner Dimensions: 14 5/8″ x 1″, Burner Material: Stainless Steel
  • ➤4 Heat Plates Dimensions: 14 9/16″ x 3 3/8″ , Heat Shield/Tent Material: Stainless Steel
  • ➤4 Cooking Grates Dimensions: 17 3/16″ x 13 1/2″ For each unit, 17 3/16″ x 27″ For 2 units, Cooking Grid Material: Porcelain Steel
  • ➤Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with ours BEFORE you order.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 13.5
Length 17.2

6. Direct Store Parts Kit DG145 Replacement for Sunbeam, Nexgrill, Grill Master 720-0697 Gas Grill Parts Kit (Stainless Steel Burner + Stainless Steel Heat Plate + Solid Stainless Steel Cooking Grid)

Features :

  • Special Notes for this item: If you are looking for parts, the BRAND and MODEL No.# (if provided, this item might be compatible with) listed below are just for your reference as shopping guide. Please DO double check the size and shape of your original parts, and compare with ours before ordering.
  • Replacement for Sunbeam : 720-0697 Gas Grill; Nexgrill : 720-0697 Gas Grill ; Grill Master : 720-0697 Gas Grill; Condition: New
  • Burner Dimensions: 14 5/8” x 1″ ; Burner Material: Stainless Steel; Heat Plate Dimensions: 14 9/16″ x 3 3/8″ ; Heat Shield Material: Stainless Steel
  • Grill Grate Dimensions: 13 1/2″ x 17 3/16″ Each, 27″ x 17 3/16” Total; Grill Grate Material: Solid Stainless Steel
  • Direct store Parts Kit includes 4 Stainless Steel burners, 4 Stainless Steel heat plates, and 1 set of 2 Solid Stainless Steel Cooking grids;

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 13.5
Length 17.25

7. Grill Lid Thermometer Temperature Gauge Replacement for Nexgrill 720-0830H, 720-0888, 720-0697, Heat Indicator for Charmglow 810-7310-S, 720-0234, Brinkmann 810-3821-S 810-9425-W and Other Grill Model

Features :

  • ★Dimensions: 2 15/16″ x 1 7/8″, 1.5″ from screw to screw, 0.7″ from screw to prop. ★Gas grill heat indicator made of high-quality stainless steel, ultra-durable and safe, easy to read dial. ★Accurately Measures Temperature from 100 Degrees up to 800 Degrees.
  • ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for Grill Master Grill 720-0697, 720-0737. ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for Nexgrill Grill 720-0459, 720-0649, 720-0697, 720-0718A, 720-0718B, 720-0718C, 720-0718N, 720-0737, 720-0830H, 720-0888, 720-0830D, 720-0925, 720-0882S, 720-0894F. ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for Tera Gear Grill 780-0390, GPC2700JD, GPC2700JD-6, GSS2020, GSS2520JA. ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for Master Forge Grill GGP-2501, MFJ576DNC.
  • ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for Brinkmann Grill 810-1455-S, 810-1456-S, 810-3820-S, 810-3821-F, 810-3821-S, 810-8401-S, 810-8425-S, 810-8534-S, 810-9425-W. ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for Charmglow Grill 720-0036, 720-0036-HD-05, 720-0234, 720-0304, 720-0396, 810-7310-F, 810-7310-S, 810-7400-F, 810-7400-S, 810-8500-S, 810-8530-S, 810-8550-S. ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for Coleman Grill 9928, 9998.
  • ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for Aussie Grill 67A4T09K21, 6804T8UK91. ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for BBQ Pro Grill 122.47207610, 146.23676310, 146.23770310, 720-0894R. ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for Kenmore Grill 122.16431010, 146.16132110, 146.16133110, 146.16222010. ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for Members Mark Grill 720-0586A, 720-0830G, B09SMG1-3F, B10PG20-2C, B10PG20-2R, 720-0830F.
  • ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for Outdoor Gourmet Grill BQ04022, BQ06043-1, BQ06W1B. ➤ Grill Replacement Parts for DYNA-GLO Grill DGP350NP, BBQTek Grill GPC2700JD, Broil Chef Grill 06695000, DURO Grill 780-0390, Grill King Grill 810-8425-S, Grill Mate Grill B2618-SB, North American Outdoors Grill 720-0459, Permasteel Grill PG-50404-SOL, Savor Pro Grill GD4205S-M, GD4210S-B1

Additional Info :

8. YIHAM KS708 Replacement Parts for Grill Master 720-0697 Nexgrill 720-0830H 720-0783E 720-0737 BBQ Heat Shield Plate Tent Burner Cover Flame Tamer, 14 9/16 inch x 3 3/8 inch, Stainless Steel, Set of 4

Features :

  • Fits Grillmaster 720-0697, 720-0737, 7200697, 7200737.
  • Fits Nexgrill Gas Grill Models 720-0697, 720-0697E, 720-0737, 720-0783C, 720-0783E, 720-0783EH, 720-0825, 720-0830A, 720-0830D, 720-0830H, 720-0882A, 720-0896, 720-0896B, 720-0896C, 720-0896E, 720-0898, 720-0925, 720-0925P, 720-0925S.
  • Fits Kenmore Models 122.33492410, 122.33492411, 640-05861277-1, 720-0830A; Fits Uberhaus 780-0003.
  • Fits Charbroil 466242014, Duro 780-0390, Dyna-Glo DGB-730SNB-D, Kitchen Aid 720-0830A, Members Mark 720-0830F, 720-0830G, 720-0882D, Tera Gear 780-0390, Coleman 85-3118-2, 85-3119-0, G53202, Backyard Grill 720-0888M, BHG Grill 720-0783H, Better Homes & Gardens 720-0783H.
  • Original Part Numbers: 1363786. Material: Stainless Steel. Dimensions: 14 9/16”L x 3 3/8” W x 1 7/8” H. Please measure the sizes of your original parts BEFORE you order

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.7
Width 3.38
Length 14.56

9. Hisencn Cooking Grates for Grill Master 720-0697, Nexgrill 720-0697E, Huntington Rebel Grill, Sunbeam 720-0697, Uniflame GBC091W, 17 3/16 inch Stainless Steel Solid Rod Cooking Grids, 2 PCS

Features :

  • ▶Fits for Grill Master Models: Grill Master 720-0697; Fits for Nexgrill 720-0697, 720-0697E. Fits for Huntington Rebel grill. Fits for Grill Master 720-0697, Nexgrill 720-0697, Sunbeam 720-0697.
  • ▶Fits for Uniflame Models GBC091W, GBC940WIR, GBC956W1-C, GBC956W1NG-C, GBC981W, GBC981W-C, GBC981WBL, GBC981WBU, GBC983W-C. ▶Fits for Better Homes & Gardens Models BG1755B, BH13-101-099-02; Brinkmann Models 810-9490-0.
  • ▶Fits for grill master 720-0697 grates, 720 0697 grill master parts, grill master 720 0697, nexgrill replacement grates 5 burner, grillmaster 720-0697 replacement parts, stainless steel grill grate 17 inch.
  • ▶Dimensions: 13 1/2″ x 17 3/16″ Each cooking grate. This is a set, total 2pcs of grates. Non-magnetic Heavy Duty Stainless Steel, 7MM Dia For the Solid Rod, Easy to clean, Best Quality and Long Life !
  • ▶After-sales service: Before purchasing, please compare with the size and model of the original part. If there is a problem with the product you received, you can contact us at any time and we will deal with it for you.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 50
Width 100
Length 100
Weight 100

10. BBQ funland GI1192 Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Cooking Grid Replacement for Nexgrill 720-0830H, 720-0697, 720-0888, Uniflame and Others, Set of 2

Features :

  • Compatible with Nexgrill Models: 720-0783C, 720-0783E, 720-0830H, 720-0341, 720-0549, 720-0697, 720-0670, 720-0670A, 720-0670C, 720-0670C – Old, 720-0697E – Old, 720-0830D – Old, 720-0888
  • Fits Models: 720-0670A – Old, 122.16119, 122.16129, 122.166419, 122.16641900, 16641, 415.16106210, 415.1610621, 415.1610621, 415.1610711, 640-26629611-0, 720-0341, 720-0549, 720-0670A
  • Fits Uniflame Models: GBC091W, GBC940WIR, GBC956W1NG-C, GBC981W, GBC981W-C, GBC983W-C
  • Fits K-Mart 640-26629611-0. Fits Members Mark 720-0830F. Fits Uberhaus 780-0003

Additional Info :

Color Black

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